Vanlife: What’s going on out there?

Since we are four persons and two dogs in the van, it gets crowded. We need to be creative with the use of space, so of course we’re taking advantage of the outside of the van too.

Danne is a blacksmith/welder and he has made a giant roof rack that covers MoMo’s entire roof.


 Attached to the rack is a 160 w solar panel that actually provides us with all the power we need, during spring, summer and early fall. How amazing is that!?


We have an awning for protection against rain and sun (like to much sun would be a common problem in Sweden!? Not really…). Awnings are expensive and also quite sensitive to wind, so ours is extra-equipped with a rafter and a tie down kit.


Things we don’t use on a daily basis, like tents, hiking boots, skis and fishing equipment we store in a big Thule roof box. It swallows heaps of our favorite stuff. Thule’s slogan is Bring Your Life and that’s what we do!


The platform we use to access the roof box doubles as a tiny roof top terrace where I go to enjoy the view, or escape from household chores. If you look closely at the picture below you can also spot our hanging table top that we attach to the slide door with strings and hooks when we need it.


Danne made a ladder and a bike rack too, that I’m going to tell you more about in another post.


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