Vanlife: My spectacular life

There are plenty of Vanlife accounts on Instagram full of cute retro vehicles in eternal sunsets, never-ending backdoor views of mountains or beaches (or both at the same time!) and young, beautiful people with tiny butts in even tinier panties, telling us stories about quitting their jobs and following their dreams. A true vanlifer travels the globe full-time with a perfect tan and without a care in the world.

I’m not aspiring to be one of them.

This was our first trip with the van, just after we bought it and before we had started the conversion. We knew right away that we were on to something.

To be honest we don’t travel that much. And we never travel very far. How could we? We have full-time jobs and the kids go to school. Many of our nature experiences are mediocre in comparison. And though I admit there are times when I think life would be a little more awesome with a thigh gap, I don’t have one, and I probably never will. And carefree..? Nope. Ever heard of mosquitos, rain and number 2?

My social media content might lead you to believe that my life is spectacular and adventurous. And it is! Sometimes. Because my content is my life. It’s a relatively small part of it though and sure, there is a non van-related every day life going on between the Instagram posts. But that doesn’t take away the fact that we have amazing experiences when we are on the road. I choose to focus on, and nurture the parts that makes my life spectacular.

So I guess I aspire to be someone that shows you that life can be kinda nice even if you don’t travel nonstop, wake up every morning to a scenic view and fit in a size XS bikini…