Vanlife: The Swedish vanlife community

This will sound cheesy I know, but one of the things I love about vanlife is that it actually brings people together. It’s a community, both IRL and online.

I’m usually not a very social person, and most of the time I prefer to be with just my family. But last summer we went to a Van Meetup hosted by Jesper who runs the feature account Vanlifescandinavia on Instagram, and his friend Adam, and we had an amazing time!

We were a group of maybe 40 people or more, age 6 to 60+, from Sweden and abroad, that got together at a really beautiful location called Kinnekulle Quarry, in southern Sweden. About 30 vans, a camp fire, scenic views, a bunch of dogs roaming around off leash and an improvised music gig with harmonica and electric(!) guitar in the middle of the night.






It was a really special event with good vibes and high tides, and I think the main reason to that was that people had this sense of belonging, a shared feeling of community. It was truly sweet. ❤️

Jesper and Adam are planning a new meetup in august called Burning Van, and I will post more about it when the event is up and running.

When it comes to online communities, the Facebook group Vanlife Sverige feels like the digital hub of Swedish vanlife. It’s created by Bella and Carl, the couple behind the vanlife blog Swewanderlust, has a little over 900 members and is constantly growing.
It’s a meeting place for people to get in contact, discuss conversions and vanlife issues, get and give tips about places to go, share pictures and so on. It’s also in this group we find information about meetups and gatherings. Bella and Carl are doing a great job as admins, which makes the group a really positive and generous hang out.

Vanlife: Hej

and welcome!

Ok, I’m finally trying this blog thing 🙂

The story about The horizon is calling began with the Instagram page with the same name where I share my family’s outdoors- and vanlife pictures. The vanlife part of it started just over a year ago, when we bought our Opel Movano and began the conversion. During this last year lots of new followers joined and the account grew. Vanlife and the “stuff” we associate with it, like freedom, simple living, nature and DIY seems to be popular subjects.

This blog is supposed to be a place where I can expand my thoughts, share links, tips and the pictures that doesn’t make it to Instagram.
Maybe a little further on, I will also publish videos covering topics that I get a lot of questions about, like our bunk bed construction and a guided tour in the van.

The Horizon Is Calling features the adventures of our family of four (plus two): Danne -the driver/builder/constructor and me Anna, -the one taking pictures and running all the social media stuff, our two kids Eddie -the big bro and Charlie -the little one. And of course our pups Echo & Rio, former strays, adopted from Spain.

We live in Ingarö, Sweden and honestly, we spend the majority of our time working and going to school. But whenever we get the chance, we jump in our self build camper van MoMo and head for the horizon! Most of the time we don’t make it very far, but that’s ok, because you know what they say: “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”.

We are weekend (and vacation) warriors, dreaming about a life on the road. Join us!